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A big hello to all of our supporters and apologies for the radio silence. The weather as you all know is all over the place and neither us nor the plants or wildlife know what’s going on!

Despite the lack of social media activity, we’ve still been busy in the background. These are a few of the things that have been happening behind the scenes over the last few months: 

  • Our spokesperson Steph has started a new position as a Director and pressure of work means that the contact with our lovely supporters has fallen to me John (aged 65) – and still learning (badly).
  • Our Head Gardener Tom has been out sourcing trees, shrubs and plants with my wife Debbie. They will be planted shortly and we can’t wait to share the photos with you.
  • Our wonderful partners J Brown Funeral Services raised a staggering £600 for us from their Easter raffle which we have used towards the above, so a very big thank you to them.
  • We are proud to now be associated with Lindengate, a mental health charity next to World’s End Garden Centre in Wendover. They have kindly donated two Black Popular trees which we had great pleasure in planting.
  • We are aware that the pandemic has caused poverty and mental health issues for many families and we wish to offer our support, even if it’s only in a small way. We will be growing vegetables on the land specifically for those experiencing financial difficulty and will also be delivering them to the local food banks. We’d love for our supporters to get involved with this initiative and help us make a real difference to those in need.
  • In September, the Bishop of Buckingham and the new Vicar at St Dunstan’s with the canon are coming to bless the land, which we are very excited about. Whilst the gardens won’t be a religious environment, the Bishop and Vicar are well placed to support our Christian visitors should they require.
  • We’re also working with a local primary school and hope the pupils will be able to get involved in the planting when the weather gets warmer. The school are also looking to help us publicise the gardens by spreading the message.
  • The 10 year battle with Wycombe District Council planning department goes on unabated. They have tried to stop this project by throwing everything that they can at it to prevent it, including enforcement intervention who concluded that the Council cannot control us putting plants in the ground!
  • As soon as the planning permission is granted, we’ll be able to reinstate our beautiful billboard to mark the entrance, which has a large image of a heart shaped tree. We will be reapplying for full planning early next year once we have the visitors book. This book will show that our little project is not going to cause any mayhem near the entrance way and that we’re not hurting anyone but instead we are bringing positive results to those affected in the most terrible way.
  • We’re still working with The Compassionate Friends, a charity for bereaved families ran by bereaved families, and look forward to planning some events together this year . If you or anyone you know has been affected by child loss, we heartily recommend that you reach out to TCF for support. 

In conclusion, we are hoping to make some big strides this year in getting the gardens up to speed and are looking forward to seeing our brilliant volunteers again.

Kindest regards and God bless.

John Colinswood

Founder and Trustee

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